Free To Post Your Promotion By Yourself

A self-promotion platform helps you approach more people

WenJetso is a platform to help marketers promote their leaflet or Jetso with a more simple and convenient way. WenJetso provides several one-stop promotion solutions to help them raise the explosion rate on their company or products.

A New Way of Promotion Your Business

WenJetso is a free Self-Post Jetso Platform to provide you a free way to promote a campaign by yourself. Suit for different business nature including Search different jetso, including Diet, Life Department Store, Entertainment, Food, Tourism, Retail, Pet, Sport & Outdoor, Beauty, Charity and so on.

Help You Promote Your Campaign

Suit for any promotion which makes users get benefit
  • New Discount
  • New Opening
  • New Product
  • New Service
  • New Event
  • New Information

How It Work

Only three steps to finish your promotion by yourself
First, you upload your leaflet into Jetso website,transform the physcial leaflet to digital leaflet,transform physcial Jetso to digital Jetso

Step 1 Upload Leaflet Image

Secondly, fill the Jetso content in detail, which make users to understand your Jetso

Step 2 Fill-In Promotion Content

Thirdly, publish your Jetso, which make users to be able to search your Jetso. And then raise your explosion rate on your company or product

Step 3 Raise Explosion Rate

How To Design Leaflet For Free

No requirement on graphic design knowledge

1. Use design tool - Canva

2. Choose leaflet template

3. Modify wording and graphics

4. Download leaflet image

One Stop Promotion Solutions

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